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theflorinese's Journal

The Florinese
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Hello, and welcome to The Florinese, A Princess Bride rating community. This is all fairly self-explanitory, I hope. You fill in the application survey (below), you post it with a couple of pictures, then you vote on the other applications. Meanwhile, we vote on you and decide which character you're most like. Then we stamp you. And everyone rejoices.

So, without further ado, the rules are:

~Be nice. Don't make negative or hurtful comments, criticize other members, etc. If you do, I will fight you to the pain, and, as I am clearly a sword-fighting wizard, I will surely win :o)

~*New Members*~
~We respect lj policies. You must be at least 13 to apply.
~Please put your application behind an lj-cut. It just makes everyone happier. Check the FAQ if you are unsure of how to do lj-cuts.
~We will be even HAPPIER if you bold your questions.
~Please, I am not going to be a spelling and grammar Nazi, but take enough pride in your application to make it legible so we can all understand it.
~Once this community takes off, you will have three days to garner votes before being stamped. But it might have to be a little longer at first.
~Because there are so few female characters, cross-gender stamping is allowed.
~You can include whatever other photos you like, but please include at least one where you look as you normally would on any given day.
~Please put the phrase "Anybody want a peanut?" in the subject line of your application so we know you've read the rules.

~*Stamped Members*~
~PLEASE, continue to vote after you have been stamped. We want to be able to give new members enough votes to reach a good concensus.
~You can vote for up to two characters for each person. If you explain why you voted that might make it a little more interesting, especially for the person being analyzed. And please, please, if you remember, bold your votes so they are easier to find.
~Please put "Stamped" in the subject of any subsequent posts so we don't vote on you again by mistake :o)

~*The Application*~
1. Name:
2. Nicknames:
3. Age:
4. Birthday:
5. Describe yourself positively in three words:
6. Describe yourself negatively in three words:
7. Strengths/Skills/Talents:
8. Weaknesses:

9. Food:
10. Actor/Actress:
11. Three Movies (that are not The Princess Bride):
12. Three Books (that are not The Princess Bride):
13. Season:
14. Place:
15. Song:
16. Princess Bride Quote:
17. Favourite PB scene (book or movie):

18. Who is your favourite Princess Bride Character and why?
19. Who is your least favourite character and why?
20. Which character from another book/movie/play/etc. do you most identify with, and why?

Do you prefer. . .
21. Vegetables or Fruits?
22. Weapons or Wits?
23. Words or Actions?
24. Flowers or Chocolates?
25. Walking or Running?
26. Singing or Dancing?

27. Give us a non-Princess-Bride quote:
28. Tell us how much you love us (points if you get creative):
29. Anything else you'd like to tell us?
30. Please post at least two clear pictures of yourself.

The Characters
Prince Humperdinck
Count Rugen
Miracle Max
King Lotharon
Queen Bella
The Albino
The Ancient Booer

Hopes someday of a theme week with book stamps, as I've only included movie characters in the main list. . .

Stamped Members
In order of when he/she applied:

double_o_sayid ~ Miracle Max
little_nimue ~ Inigo Montoya
blomsterbed ~ Westley
quidditchfan11 ~ Fezzik
flowerful ~ Buttercup
emogyrlskyttlez ~ Humperdinck
la_victorienne ~ Fezzik
simply2smashing ~ Inigo Montoya
ispeaknerd ~ Count Rugen
britishness ~ Vizzini and Humperdinck
roxainaboxa ~ Buttercup and Westley
zar_roc ~ Buttercup
swingkitten9 ~ Inigo Montoya
la_victorienne ~ Fezzik
unicornonthecob ~ Miracle Max
greenleaf17 ~ Count Rugen
nin_veleth ~ Fezzik
_dothefandango ~ Westley
silvaramystique ~ Fezzik
alison24601 ~ Fezzik
howtomove ~ Vizzini
proofrawk ~ Miracle Max
meangurrl ~ Inigo Montoya
heart_of_man ~ Vizzini
deeplyunhip ~ Inigo Montoya
goldengrl324 ~ Valerie
gryffindorgirl7 ~ Ancient Booer
the_epic ~ Westley
chunkytomatoes ~ Fezzik
xdreamsofdramax ~ Buttercup
mybisl2 ~ Westley
_k3nt ~ The Grandfather
lumoslight ~ Miracle Max
subitoburrito ~ Westley
incoh ~ Miracle Max
poke_my_arm ~ Vizzini
lordhenry4000 ~ Miracle Max
ethereal_escape ~ Vizzini and Westley
britishness ~ Prince Humperdinck and Vizzini
ispeaknerd ~ Count Rugen
simply2smashing ~ Inigo Montoya
smugglers_prize ~ Fezzik
emogyrlskyttlez ~ Prince Humperdinck
flowerful ~ Buttercup
quidditchfan11 ~ Fezzik
blomsterbed ~ Westley
little_nimue ~ Inigo Montoya
wingsofdreams ~ Buttercup
double_o_sayid ~ Mircale Max
kinneasirvine ~ Westley

Current Dread Pirate Roberts
zar_roc and roxainaboxa

Available in the near future. . .

Have fun!

Your loving mod,

~*Communities of Interest*~


If you have a community you would like to add to the list, please feel free to leave a comment here.